The Sales Trainer Approach

There is no doubt that The Sales Trainer provides exceptional TRAINING SOLUTIONS, resulting in real and measurable improvement in sales performance.

Having delivering over 10,000 training programs we have have found that the following factors will ensure your training delivers significant improvement at 'the coal face'.  The reward for your  company will be tangible, the results clear and the investment rewarded.

1. Integration
Training must be integrated with the overall Vision & Direction of the organisation. There must be valid reasons and obvious links

2. Support
Training must be supported by Sales Managers and leaders who understand the purpose and reasons for it.  Ongoing coaching is vital

3. Objectivity
Training must have clearly defined objectives and measurable goals

4. Effectiveness
Training must be instructionally sound, relevant, applicable and credible

5. Accountability
Delegates must be held accountable for applying the learning of any training programme once they return to the workplace

When all of the above elements are combined the impact of training is immense.  Business Leaders, Sales Managers, Sales personnel and other stakeholders will quickly reap the rewards. 

The Sales Trainer works with clients to develop effective training programs that meet the elements above including the pre and post program activities that will make the training investment worthwhile.

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