Strategic Alignment: The Foundation for Effective Change?

If you want your Company to become more resilient, embracing change and challenges more effectively, there are some steps you may like to consider...

Imagine how effective your business would be if your people were completely aligned with what you are aiming to achieve... 

Strategic Alignment achieves exactly that.  The Alignment of your people with your strategic direction...

Today, wherever you look in the business world, companies are seeking to introduce effective change.  Various approaches are used to ensure that ?The New Way? - whatever it may be - is both actively pursued and effectively embraced.   There are attempts to introduce Change by Stealth, by Force, by deep and complex 'Structured Change Programmes' and even by more direct methods such as the coercive "Just do it!" approach.

Of course, some approaches are more effective than others, however the reality is that resistance & reluctance still feature in the journey.  With the amount of focus there is on implementing Change in today?s businesses, we have to ask why the elusive 'Change Factor' still eludes businesses?

Could it be that we are looking in the wrong place?

At Accord Consulting we have a wealth of experience in effectively implementing major Change. Through our many & varied partnerships we have developed a Key Methodology that works? and we?re proud of it!

Of course, no Change Process is without difficulty and we don?t claim to have a Panacea. We do believe, however, that in developing the Parallel Focus Cascade? Accord Consulting has opened a new and exciting chapter in achieving Sustainable Change and Accelerating Performance.

Parallel Focus Cascade ensures clear understanding, develops buy-in, builds alignment and achieves progress. The outcome is Sustainable Change.

If you feel that Change within your Organisation could be handled more effectively you might like to discuss it with us?   We believe we have some answers?