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Leadership Development

'A Leader without any followers is simply going for a walk!'  

We all know people who have willing followers - but do we know why?   To find the answer take a look at their Leadership Qualities, those intangible yet powerful characteristics that true Leaders display consistently - both in the easy times and when the going gets tough.  Qualities such as...

Purpose - Integrity - Equity - An Inspiring Vision - Honesty - Unselfishness
Truthful Feedback - Loyalty - Providing Opportunity - Good Delegation
Wisdom - Consistency - Passion - Humour ? Empathy

Accord Consulting have many years of experience working with Leaders across the world to help them become the Leaders they want to be.  We can say with certainty that all of the above characteristics and skills can be learned and developed.  Our Course for New Leaders provides an example of one of our development programs

You probably have people in your business who are stepping into Leadership for the first time.   You may well have seasoned Leaders who would benefit by re-vitalising their style and approach.   Whatever your leadership Development needs Accord Consulting have developed a particularly successful range of approaches to provide the platform for your Leaders to excel.  We can help to polish, refine and equip your Leaders to rise up as Leaders with Followers.

Our range of Leadership programmes caters for a broad range of needs, including High Impact Leadership Programmes, New Leaders Development Courses, Modular Training by Topic, 1:1 Coaching, On the job observation, Strategic Leadership Planning and Visionary Leadership.

Information on our Leadership training programmes can be found hereTo discuss your company's Leadership development needs in more details CONTACT US.

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