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Intelligence for Business Leaders

There is no substitute for a good leaders instinct and business acumen...  Good leaders will rely on this to some degree - but the really wise leader will go deeper.

Accord Consulting use a range of powerful diagnostic tools in order to establish "The Current Reality" and to assist with planning the best approach to use when change is required.

We believe that before trying to "Change The World", it is important to know exactly what "The World" looks like - today.  Only then can you be sure to focus on the areas that will provide the greatest benefits, the quickest wins - and the best results.

Our diagnostic tools function across both Organisational and Individual levels providing high quality 'intelligence' for business leaders on the things that really matter.  If the following quotes from Business Leaders sound familiar to you - read on!

'We seem to fire-fight all the time' 'Staff turnover is an issue'
'There's too much duplication of effort' 'Our processes are wrong'
'Red Tape slows us down' 'Our competitors are catching up'
'Our systems don't support our needs' 'People aren't held accountable'

We hear these, and other similar comments, from senior business leaders all too frequently. You see, we find that most Business Leaders are astute enough to recognize that not everything is as good as it could be, however, knowing exactly where to focus the time, effort and resource in order to create change and get the greatest benefit is a tough call. change and improvement that are almost self-perpetuating.

Accord Consulting have developed and secured world-class diagnostic tools that identify and prioritise issues such as those listed above in ways that create clarity and provide opportunities for change and improvement.

Organisational Diagnostics and Tools.

A Powerful diagnostic that provides 'Customer Intelligence' from either internal or external customers regarding your performance and standing - as seen through their eyes.  PRISM® provides Quantitative and Qualitative data on IMPORTANCE and SATISFACTION for up to 20 customer service factors of your own choosing. Factors can be pre-defined or completely customized to suit business requirements.
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proQualis provides accurate stakeholder attitude intelligence for organisations that want to know where they are really heading.  An immensely powerful tool that enables strategic business decision-making with a long-term stewardship perspective as opposed to the reactive 'short term' focus that so often creates bigger problems down the line.  proQualis is web based, customizable and immensely flexible, providing in-depth data and analysis that has the potential to transform and radically improve any business.
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Business Health MRI®:
Business Health MRI provides a means to Measure, Respond and Improve (M.R.I.) on the key areas for effectiveness found in the Balanced Scorecard.  A tool that is designed for small to medium businesses, Business Health MRI measures what really matters, is simple to administer and cost effective.
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The Climate Tool®:
Every organisation has a climate - an underlying 'feel' or 'atmosphere' that is unique. Not surprisingly, a healthy climate leads to healthy outputs and profits.  Conversely, a climate that is not what people want - or expect, will have a significant negative impact on outputs - and therefore the bottom line.

Up to 30% of your output is dependant on the climate you and your leaders are creating - so it's not an area to be ignored.  The Climate Tool® will tell you where your climate levels are right now - and where your people believe they SHOULD be.

Focussing on six key areas, The Climate Tool® is a rapidly deployable, user-friendly questionnaire based tool that ensures complete anonymity whilst gaining valuable outputs, both quantitative and qualitative.  Of course, once you know the climate you have, you can create the climate you need.
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Team and Individual Diagnostics and Tools.

A Leader's style and approach is the key component in creating Organisational Climate.  In fact, around 70% of climate is a direct result of a Leader's or Manager's chosen style and approach.

LeaderLink® is based on a dual 360° / self-assessment approach that accurately identifies individual Leader's preferences in using the six recognised Leadership Styles. (Hay McBer).  It provides powerful data that enables a leader to see opportunities for improvement by developing the styles that will impact their Work Unit's climate in the most effective way.

LeaderLink® provides the vital link with Organisational Climate and therefore overall corporate success.  LeaderLink® is frequently used with great results as part of a coaching or personal development programme.
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Emotional Intelligence:
For years we have all been aware of the concept of IQ, the indicator of our Intelligence.  We also know that the level of our IQ is something we unable to change.  What many people don't know is that there is a more important kind of intelligence that is crucial for success in the business world.   A type of intelligence that we can change and improve once we become aware of it.

What we are talking about is EQ - Emotional Intelligence.  A range of in-built and subliminal skills that we all have and that we all use, whether we realise it or not.  In fact, people with well developed EQ are more resilient, better at managing relationships and more effective under pressure than others.  EQ is about how well we understand our emotions, feelings and likely responses.  It's about understanding how we impact others and our ability to read these things in other people.  Those that understand this range of skills have greatly increased control over their emotions and behaviours - and are able to better influence those around them, connecting with people far more effectively to achieve improved synergies and relationships - and achieve better results.

Using the Bar-On EQ-i model, the worlds leading EQ diagnostic, Accord Consulting can provide detailed analysis of individual and Team EQs and through 1:1 Coaching will work with individuals to develop and implement strategies for improvement and success in key areas.  The results that individuals experience are nothing short of remarkable.  The difference for teams and workgroups is huge.
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Personality Profiling:

Many teams or groups of people need to discover that their 'differences' or 'tensions' are not a result of dislike or mistrust.  Typically, it is simply differences in approach or style that create the barriers causing teams to be less effective.

Behavioural Profiling is an excellent way to provide individuals and teams with a simple yet incredibly powerful understanding of human behaviour by looking at different personality anchors that each create a varying reaction or approach in individuals.  Armed with a clear understanding of themselves and others, individuals that have been exposed to these tools are able to adapt their style to suit the situation and person they are dealing with.  Following exposure to these tools we constantly see rapid and pronounced improvements in team morale, communication and effectiveness.

The concepts are simple to grasp, require no pre-work and can make a difference in a little as half a day.
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Team Acceleration:

For any group to become effective and consistently 'high performance' they must be MORE than a group...  They must become a team - in the truest sense of the word.  This powerful and productive transformation only takes place when a number of key elements are in place.

First, there needs to be clear understanding and agreement on the reason the team exists - it's purpose.  Then there must be agreement on the methods of working together in areas such as Communication, Problem Solving, decision Making and handling conflicts.  Of course, that's not all...  Real teams havce the right mix of people to not only survive - but to excel.

The reality is that High Performance Teams have Synergy

Accord Consulting understand the above needs and take great pride in our approach to Team Acceleration.  Instead of the lengthy period often required before a team becomes vaguely productive, we quickly generate Passion, Trust, Loyalty and Synergy - and see remarkable achievements and results.

Time and again we are congratulated for the significant improvements we help to create in teams of all shapes and sizes.  Our approach is practical, relevant and honest.  We don't do 'Team Building' - abseilling down canyons or making rafts from driftwood, but instead, using a number of techniques including workshops, team tools, training and facilitation we work with teams on the things that matter.

With Team Acceleration, we focus on what the team will actually be doing.  This means that we help teams to quickly find their identity, developing real pride in themselves and what they do, putting in place the behaviours, systems, relationships and foundations to succeed.

Team Acceleration is one of our flagship products.

If you have teams, we'd like to talk with you.

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