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Coaching & Mentoring

Why 1:1 Coaching?

Because you don't need to be sick to get better...

Everyone has the potential to improve in some way.  We all benefit from having somebody who supports us, helping to fine tune those areas that will move us forward and generally 'cheering us on'.  Similarly, there are those who are experiencing real challenges and who just need the extra input and experience that a coach can bring in order to move on with their careers.

The Training Environment is generally not the right place to talk to individuals about personal challenges, fears, behavioural skill gaps or other key areas that impact on 'on-the-job' performance.   A Coaching relationship, on the other hand, enables these important areas to be explored, issues highlighted and practical strategies for real progress to be put into place. 

Who could benefit?
Coaching has become a core part of our portfolio due to the real and sustainable change that it brings.  We find that middle and senior managers and high potential individuals are suited to a coaching program however we also occasionally undertake remedial coaching assignments, for instance when a valued team member has experienced a drop in performance and needs to find their feet again.  

How does it work?
Accord Consulting follow a tried and tested process for coaching engagements as outlined below.  We believe in ensuring clarity regarding outcomes and objectives prior to commencing a coaching engagement and seek to involve the client in the process.  With a clear mandate and prior briefing, supported by clear objective setting and appropriate tools, excellent outcomes can be achieved as follows.

For more information on our coaches or a detailed outline of our approach click here.

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